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Welcome to the Membership Portal!

Consider this the magical portal into your intuition. In this membership, we explore who you came here to be. I include monthly workshops, spiritual topics, self development techniques, guided meditations, and more. Most importantly, this will be a community that you can grow with on your journey within. Permission to be your authentic self in here! 

This membership includes:

-Intuitive guidance videos released at the beginning of each month

-Monthly portal circles where we meet to discuss energetic insights, pull cards and practice intuitive readings on one another

-Monthly workshops with topics focused on spirituality and self development. This includes access to all prior workshops 

-Content videos to help on your spiritual journey

-Access to growing guided meditations and content libraries 

-Book recommendations, healer recommendations, and more! 

This is a safe space for you to explore who you came here to be amongst community. I cannot wait to see you inside! 

*Membership is free to cancel at any time

$33 USD

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*By submitting payment, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. You are aware that your payment is your agreement to this contract. There are no refunds for purchases. Bridget Rose LLC is not responsible for your results. Bridget Rose LLC is not a medically licensed professional nor do they claim to be. This acts as a non-disparagement and non-disclosure agreement. Everything taught inside this program is intellectual property belonging to Bridget Rose LLC and can never be shared, utilized without legal consent, or taught as your own. No slanderous or accusatory information can be said about Bridget Rose LLC or anyone in the program. With a zero-tolerance policy, Bridget Rose LLC has the right to remove student from the program at anytime who commits against these Terms & Conditions. This is to protect students, Bridget Rose LLC, and the integrity of the program at its entirety. We respect your privacy, so your data will never be sold or disclosed.