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The world needs what makes you, you. Let your intuition guide the way.

Maybe you can relate?

You're feeling lost on the journey and intuitively know that you are meant for more

You're ready to take a leap in life, but need some guidance to get there

There are areas of life where you feel stuck and need more guidance

You're ready to try something new and embrace the person your soul came here to be

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're in the right place!






Hi all! My name is Bridget Rose. I am a former high school history teacher turned intuitive entrepreneur, mentor and life coach. I’m a big believer in experiencing this life to its fullest potential and having some fun learning about yourself in the process. If you have ever felt you are meant for more, lost on the journey, or a bit different from the rest, you are in the right place! 


Intuition Coach

How I can help

1:1 Private Coaching

Private coaching is an integrative blend of guidance and mentorship to help you embody your intuition, while finding clarity from within. It is also curated to help you have fun in the process of meeting the newest version of yourself. By the end of working together, you will have confidence to walk boldly on your new path. Since everyone is on their own wonderfully unique journey and timeline, we work together to create a program that works specifically for what you need at this time in life.

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Intuitive Guidance Sessions

These sessions are a blend of intuitive guidance and coaching. These sessions include use of tarot and oracle cards as a tool for self reflection, empowerment and clarity. My intention is to reflect back to you your own inner knowing, help you find clarity, and leave feeling inspired. You will receive a PDF workbook at the end with the cards, guided journal prompts, and suggested action steps.


Building Your Intuition: The Course

This course is a five week self-paced program designed to help you find clarity, embody your intuition and to embrace what makes up your unique blueprint. I designed this course to take what I have learned from connecting to my own intuition and to teach you these tools to embrace them in your daily life. Join a network of 20+ alumni as you embark on your journey within.

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