Building Your Intuition:

The Online Course


It's time to deepen your intuition & trust who you came here to be...

With this course, you will...

Learn what your own unique inner guidance sounds and feels like

Trust yourself more & live more true to who you are

Increase creativity, imagination, productivity

Be able to recognize more opportunities for abundance in your life that you may have been missing before

Learn to confidently use your “gut instincts” & “inner knowing” on a daily basis

Join a community of 20+ alumni of Building Your Intuition

I've been there too

Have you always felt that you have a strong sense of intuition, but need help honing in on what your intuition means to you? Have you always been curious about developing your intuitive gifts, but need more guidance and the tools to do so? Do you love learning about spirituality, but are craving a strong sense of community? Then this course is for you! 

This five week self-paced course is designed to take you through the tools to hear the sound of your own soul. I have combined the techniques that I use to connect to my own intuition and what I do in client sessions to help you embrace these in your daily life. My main intention is for you to have fun in the process of learning about yourself.



Living Life Intuitively: Who Did You Come Here to Be?

This introduction week includes defining what intuition means to you and the difference between our ego and intuition. You will be discovering your unique blueprint through a variety of intuitive tools which includes astrology and human design.


Finding Your “Clair” : The Clair Senses

This week brings us into a deep dive within the four clair senses: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience. You will discover which clair sense(s) you are working with and how to use the clair senses to create your own language with the universe.


Living Life in Color: The Chakra System

This week you will learn about the chakra system and how to use this system in your daily life. We will focus on the colors within the chakra system, and how to use these colors to connect to what your body is trying to tell you.


Trusting Your Intuitive Practice: Channeling for Self

This week you will learn how to channel messages for yourself to receive clear guidance from your soul. I will take you through a variety of tools to hear the sound of your own soul. These tools include guided meditations, journaling and tarot & oracle cards. You will also have the opportunity to connect with one of your guides and your higher self through a guided meditation. 


Trusting Your Intuitive Practice: Channeling for Others

It’s our closing week, so let’s have fun! I will take you through the steps on how to channel for others using the clair senses and practices from this course. This week also consists of the tools that will help you keep up your daily connection to your intuition. 

The Workbook + Extras

You will get access to a 30+ page workbook that accompanies this course. I wanted to make sure you had something fun to work on between classes to help build your daily connection to your intuition. This workbook includes journal prompts, tarot & oracle spreads, tools for connecting to your intuition, and more.

You can view the sample, linking here! 

The Extras: You will receive access to my workshops "The Cards: Interpreting the Language of Your Soul" and "Building Your Intuition: Understanding Your Birthchart".

The Bundle Option

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The bundle includes a 30 day trial to my monthly membership portal when you sign up for this course and a 1:1 mentorship session with me. 

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